Friday, 26 June 2015

Episode 4

Is more

 Next to nothing.

 Save Hannibal.

Hannibal's empty kitchen cold and heartless - altho I think there is still some liver in the fridge...

Normally, I am fairly outraged when there aren’t any food scenes in a new Hannibal script. How is a food stylist supposed to deal with being left out of the fun and blood? And although this episode was all about how each of Hannibal’s victims fared since we last saw them bleeding out on Hannibal’s lawn, surely they had a snack or two in those intervening years. Other than hospital food.

Really, Writer’s Room. Just a pick-up of the Sacrificial Lamb dinner scene from last year? Really?

reheated from Season two - Sacrificial Lamb tastes as good as it did last year.

But given this week’s cancellation of Hannibal, one realizes that a Hannibal episode without food is a small complaint compared to No Hannibal Ever Again.

It's not over til it's over...

We always knew our beautiful show didn’t have the ratings for automatic renewal. But NBC did renew, in large part due to the outcry from Fannibals around the world. For two additional seasons, you amazing incredible Fannibals saved Hannibal. And now, you are doing everything you can to save him again. If you can it will be some resurrection!

antique cookbook from Katia, portrait by Lauren, plushie mini-me and baby wendi by Nancy, flower crown by TattleCrime and buttons, stickers, cards - sent to lucky me!

Working on this show has been fantastic but the most moving experience of all has been getting to know you – reading your tweets and comment and seeing your Hannimeals, your fabulous art, hilarious GIFS, generous praise – and occasional swag (thank-you for the lovely thoughtful presents you sent me!) You really are the most wonderful community on the internet.

Our Fearless Leader's winning ways 

 Although Bryan is doing a new series, Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”, he has said he foresaw no problem doing both shows and is very motivated to find a new home for Hannibal. Still actively looking for a broadcaster, he even hinted at the idea of a feature movie that would tell the final story of Hannibal and Will. And why not – Hannibal has quite the track record on the big screen.

Saturn Award to Bryan for Best Network Show (plus wins for Hugh for Best Actor and Lawrence for Best Supporting)

There are lots of extenuating circumstances and conflicting complications – like Hannibal’s current streaming agreement with Amazon which  disallows an arrangement with Netflix. And the very avid support of international distributors which, however strong, is contingent on the NBC deal. But anything is possible in the wacky world of Hollywood dealmaking. So we live in hope.

couldn't resist retweeting @hanni_candyman's Disco Hannibal "I will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor
(illustration by Omix)


Will Hannibal be saved? Who knows what the Fates have in store?

Mostly, we should remember – there is still so much more Hannibal on our plates this season. We still have 9 glorious episodes to thrill upon. Instead of drowning in the sadness of NBC's departure, we should relish the feast that is before us with all the love and keen attention we have always given this most deserving of shows.

Now serving Season 3 – Team Hannibal’s best effort yet.

The rest of Hannibal’s summer stretches out before us in all its splendor. Let’s pour the wine and dine!

(Dear assistants, Victoria @victoriaMwalsh and John @Crustcrumbs - if you are reading this, could you comment with a cocktail suggestion to boost our spirits?)

Feeding Fannibals one episode at a time. With love.

Next week:

Hannibal is really, really bad. Don't make sausages for dinner when you watch Episode 5.

Last word as always to you and your Hannidinners and Hannibal art.

Yuwei made this portrait, a jello brain and jello heart that looks just like the cover of Art of Hannibal!
It was for an art project and Tiny Hanni looks like he wants a slice!

Solya made this Sacrificial Lamb and blogged about it:

Hui at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC designed this Hannibal-inspired butcher paper for her art project 


  1. I just..don't know what to feel. This is by far the best show on network TV. It's always been just on the edge of what was allowed, I always thought it might fare better streaming or on cable, where the rules are more lax. I just want it to go SOMEWHERE. Where else will I get the idea for ham wings!? Maybe Hannibal can pay NBC a visit.

    1. There are rumours that Hulu and Amazon are in a bidding war for Hannibal but I don't know where that leaves SkyLiving and I don't know if it's true...meanwhile Fannibals are tweeting madly to save Hannibal and the outpouring of care has just been amazing. And very very touching.

  2. I love this show, cinematography, imagination and creativity, and surely dishes. I had not much knowledge about food and other things which are not my native culture. The show opens them to me more or less. I love the way those dishes can stir my peaceful night untill I have to open the refrigerator to find something to eat. I am still thirsty to learn and to consume more.
    P.S. Hannibal didn't dance "I will survive", he actually danced Girl's Generation's "Run Devil Run". LOL. Lovely art by Omix as credited in the picture.

    1. Of course. And I should have acknowledged Omix -- thanks for pointing that out. But the thing that made me smile was that @candy_man joked that it's "I will Survive" Hannibal is dancing to this week! The sentiment is perfect for how Fannibals feel about NBC canceling Hannibal.

      I adore Thai food and plan to include a BBQ dish that uses Thai Green Curry as a marinade in the Hannibal cookbook.

      Thanks for your lovely comments on the show!

    2. In looking up the fanart link ( I found such a treasure trove of fan art :D

      Retweeting and reblogging ALL the #SaveHannibal!

    3. Yes, she's a dentistry student in Thailand! Thanks for the link - here's more of her art:

      It's great to see everyone tweeting to #SaveHannibal and #HelpHannibal find a new home. As far as I can figure (which is nothing but speculation) it's Amazon that is interested - but then studio, Gaumont has to work out whole new deals for outside US broadcasters. It takes a long time to work these deals out and the show is very expensive for Gaumont to produce but I think the Fannibal's efforts are having some effect. We all need to know how Bryan Fuller sees the Hannibal/Will relationship resolving - even if it takes a l-o-n-g HeAteUs.

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