Origami Heart by Alex Yue

Want to fold origami hearts while we pine for Will and Hannibal? For 22 months?

Here's a step-by-step How-to by Alex Yue, the origami master who folded our paper hearts for Hannibal in Season 3.

It is an adaptation of the classic ball origami fold.

fold paper corner to corner and in half side-to-side and up-and-down to score paper

fold down the little triangle on both left and right sides so it looks like this:

Pick up the tips of the little triangles you just folded 
and flip/slide them down into the pockets of the adjoining triangles below to get this:

repeat on other side to get this:

Flip so open folds are at the top then lift and separate side to open a pocket

With your finger inside the pocket, push A counterclockwise and press C out as you push B under so that C will pop out to the position you see in the photo below. It's tricky, but don't give up. Just work gently to ease the paper into place. It wants to be a heart.

Now fold the outer corner under from D to E so it looks like the photo below. This is fantastic that you've made it this far. It's all easy-breezy from here.

Repeat on other side.

Now you just have to fold the big arteries, slide them into place and blow a little air into the opening at the top so the heart puffs out like a football. 

tuck the second artery in the same way as the first (aorta)

Then, insert a small straw at the top and gently blow it up like a balloon to get a full three dimensional heart shape. 

Send to Will.

This is the heart made by Alex Yue for Hannibal

Feb 28/16 Update: there's a Reddit on folding this heart:
I know some are having trouble with Step 10, but maybe someone on Reddit will post a helpful hint - or a video, even...so check it out.

Feb 14/17 Update: Take heart! Evan Carrington has made a VIDEO wherein he shows very clearly how to fold Alex's Hannibal Origami Heart:

For more really amazing origami check Alex's site: http://magicianofpaper.blogspot.ca/

All above photos by Alex Yue

If you find it all too left-brain, why not try folding the hearts I posted in my account of Episode 2

It's a simpler one you can fold and enclose a message, I made this one from a photocopy of a slice of meat. Find the instructions here:
(This site has some annoying pop-up ads but I guess that's Google doing what it does. The site has all kinds of heart origami to choose from so if you don't mind the ads, press on).


  1. I'm going to be SO GOOD AT THESE in 22 months.

  2. Hi Stevi-

    Please let me know if you find the directions a little/lot opaque. I don't want this to be a struggle for anyone trying to follow the steps that Alex Yue was kind enough to photograph for us.

  3. These are easy to do thank you. I was wondering how for the longest time so I could make them for my girlfriend.

  4. Great - glad to hear it! You can write hopes dreams and wishes on the paper before you fold it or use the beautiful Japanese origami paper that comes in incredible colours and small patterns, or the paper that art and hobby shops sell for scrapbooking.

  5. Thank you so much for uploading! has anyone got any tips, I keep getting stuck at images 10/11

    1. I know - that's the part that is hard to explain/see on the photos. You take the point B and fold/tuck it up under where D is. It's simpler than it looks. When I get some time I'll try to take some other photographs.

      Anybody else have any tips? Or a better way of explaining it?

      I'll see if Alex Yue will get in on the conversation.

      Thanks for trying, Liam!

  6. Hi guys, it is so nice to see that there are people who really want to fold this heart :D

    So, the 10th photo, you are basically squishing the pocket flat. Note the "B" in that picture. you are going to fold that behind (mountain fold). Thats what happens in the 11th picture.

    Hope that helps

  7. Hi Alex! Thanks for checking in with us! Everyone loved the anatomically correct origami hearts you folded for Hannibal and now we are trying to fold them ourselves to send to friends, lovers and also to broadcaster who could Save Hannibal.

    Your advice on the folding is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Ninja Jen from Twitter:

    In photo 10: The B is the point of a separate flap. Push C out to make the right point of the pocket lower then fold the separate pointed flap back and tuck it under so its point B is behind D. Let me know if that explanation helps.

  9. https://www.origamiarts.net/origami-heart/

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